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Core values
Philosophy of Thaksin University

Intelligence and Ethics guide Development

Aspiration of Thaksin University

University serves Society


    Thaksin University aims to produce graduates, develop manpower, research and academic services to serve local society, the nation and ASEAN countries to become intellectual, peaceful and sustainable societies.

Missions of Thaksin University

1. To provide education to produce graduates, develop quality people to meet local, and national needs within ASEAN and the global community.

2. To create and develop research work to serve and direct society including advancing the university to become a research site in the future.

3. To provide academic services and knowledge to society and thus create a strong knowledgeable society.

4. To encourage, support, maintain and develop arts, culture, wisdom and the environment of lower Southern Thailand making it valuable for local, national, and ASEAN development.

5. To develop the university universally, meaning the strengthening of expertise of individuals, cultural organizations, and pursuing happiness for personnel in every position.

Main Purposes of the University

1. TSU is an ASEAN quality university with quality graduates and is accepted by both alumni and society, having high quality national standards.

2. TSU is able to strongly produce quality personnel which meet local, national, the ASEAN community, and global needs.

3. TSU provides education management strategies for wisdom and developing a peaceful social community.

4. University academic work is of international quality which is useful for the development of specific areas.

5. Academic service management can create and increase values for university income, i.e. through academic services and consultation.

6. The lower South of Thailand gains benefits from university academic services and consultations.

7. Arts, culture and Southern wisdom are valuable.

8. The university is a center of excellence and technical perfection.

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